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William (Billy) Pitts

Home: 4901 North 13th Street • Arlington, VA 22205 |

Office: 464 Prospect Street, Villa 603 • La Jolla, CA93207 | 703.525.5050


Congressional & Federal Executive Branch

Specializing in Legislative Strategy for Technology & Media Issues

Commended by leadership of The Walt Disney Company, Capital Cities/ABC, and

as an experienced, trusted source for shaping legislation and public policy

Executive Profile

  • 20+ years in government relations demonstrating a natural ability to engage in honest dialogue and facilitate support of strategy among all types of government stakeholders; extensive network of influential contacts.

  • Former House Committee Staff Director with sophisticated knowledge of policy development in Washington; recognized as an expert on House rules and the Congressional budget process.

  • Expertise in issues impacting broadcast television and radio technology, Internet and social media, notification and messaging, and cell broadcast technology including the federal Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS). Selected by FCC Chairman for advisory group and panel.

  • Key mover behind Sonny Bono Act that extended copyright law for 20 years; drafted legislation to enable consumer use and storage of music through Internet sources.

  • Achieved bipartisan recognition for integrity and expertise, including the prestigious McCormack Congressional Award for Excellence.

Professional Experience

Founder • CEO | CAPITOL BRAINTRUST | Washington, DC | 2009 – Present

Government affairs consulting firm

Serve as strategist and thought partner to clients seeking to influence federal legislation. Provide clarity into the legislative process and motivations of key players to establish effective strategies.

  • Sought out for expertise in legislative strategy development and execution, and for comprehensive understanding of issues affecting technology firms including patent and copyright laws.

  • Authored articles and papers on federal government topics for national publications, and delivered talks and seminars at American University, The University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center, and U.S. Capitol Historical Society.

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs | BLACKBOARD INC. | Washington, DC | 2008 – 2009

Provider of enterprise software applications and professional services to the education industry

Transitioned to Blackboard following merger with previous employer NTI Group. Established company’s government affairs office and strategies aligned with company’s strategic direction.

  • Increased Congressional awareness of communications issues concerning company’s Connect-ED and Connect-GOV services provided to higher education and government clients.

President, Government Affairs | THE NTI GROUP, INC. | Washington, DC | 2005 – 2008

Provider of mass text messaging and notifications solutions for educational and government organizations

Strengthened the positive image of startup company among Washington public policy makers by launching a government relations office that educated them on its groundbreaking messaging technology.

  • Shaped opinions on H.R. 5785, the WARN Act, by testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet on a public emergency communications system.

Staff Director of House Committee on Rules | US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | Washington, DC | 2003 – 2005

Recruited back to a key House position to shape policy strategies and tactics with Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, the Speaker’s Office, and House elected leadership. Supervised committee staff.

  • Significantly influenced the creation of a standing Committee on Homeland Security and rules enabling continuity of House operations during a national emergency.

  • Authored cost containment procedures as part of the Medicare Part D prescription drug law.

Vice President for Government Relations | MP3.COM | Washington, DC | 2001 – 2002

Website originally offering a legal, free, music-sharing service

Demonstrated expertise in digital music issues while navigating the evolution of the music business.

  • Launched the government affairs office of this newly public company to guide public policy discussions of distribution platforms, copyright issues, and licensing.

  • Drafted legislation to amend the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, providing “fair use” cloud storage of personal music collections, a pioneering concept at the time.

Vice President for Government Relations | THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY | Washington, DC | 2000 – 2001

Multinational mass media producer focusing on entertainment and information

Shifted to Disney following its acquisition of Capital Cities Communications, driving government relations strategy and activities for broadcast, cable, and satellite TV and motion picture issues impacting The ABC Television Network, ESPN, Toon Disney, the Disney Channel, and other entities.

  • Contributed significantly to the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act that extended protection terms to works published by authors or corporations.

Vice President for Government Relations | CAPITAL CITIES/ABC | Washington, DC | 1995 – 2000

Major US media company

Propelled visibility of broadcast, cable, and satellite issues to public policy makers on behalf of The ABC Television Network, affiliate and owned TV and radio stations, and ESPN. Additionally served publications including major newspapers and Women’s Wear Daily. Managed five direct reports and $1.7 million budget.

  • Played a key role laying the foundation for digital-high definition TV transmissions, improving the viewer experience and freeing parts of the valuable broadcast spectrum for public safety communications.

US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES | Washington, DC | 1970 – 1995

Minority House Officer / Floor Assistant to House Republican Leader, Robert H. Michel

Floor Assistant to the House Republican Whip

Manager, House Republican Cloakroom

Became a parliamentary expert and top policy advisor to Republican Leader and House elected leadership. Served as principal liaison with White House and Senate. Developed strategic and tactical plans for policy initiatives.

Additional Qualifications


GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY – Washington, DC, 1965 – 1969


John W. McCormack Congressional Award for Excellence, presented jointly by Speakers J. Dennis Hastert and Nancy Pelosi, June 2006


  • American Action Forum, Board of Directors, 2011 – 2019

  • Ripon “Forum”, Editorial Board, 2005 – Present

  • Appointments by FCC Chairman Martin: Commercial Mobile Radio Alert Advisory Group, 2006 – 2007, and Independent Panel on the Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Telecommunications, 2006

  • Corcoran School of the Arts and Design, Board of Directors, 2000

  • Screen Actors Guild (SAGAFTRA), 1993 – Present

  • President’s Commission on the Federal Appointment Process, Commissioner, 1990

Billy Pitts

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