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The Rockettman

Retirement Lifestyle of a

Fisherman, Foodie, Oenophile and Life Enthusiast

Relaunch your life in retirement with
The Rockettman, a retirement lifestyle blog by Gregg Rockett

A dynamic hospitality professional with over 40 years of experience focusing on international hospitality tourism and real estate, I am currently refocusing my efforts on academia. My new "relaunched" life will embrace the life balance I have strived for, including interests and hobbies, over the course of my career.

This retirement blog is devoted to leveraging interests - past and future - and I invite you to partner with me in this journey.  Hopefully this retirement lifestyle blog inspires you to "rewire" in a similar way. Let's relaunch together!


Learn from a connoisseur

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The key to happiness


It's never too late.

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My favorite pastime


The last frontier, first


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