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Kitchen gadgets, etc.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Repertoire of indoor and outdoor gadgets for fun eating

plank grilled scallops with lime aioli

Outdoor dining table is essential for entertaining

My favorite place to eat is at home, preferably in our back garden. My wife, Anna, designed a fabulous outdoor space centered around a 8 foot granite table. It is an ideal entertainment space for up to ten persons, but also terrific for just the two of us.

our stage for garden dining

Calphalon sauté pan

This non-stick cooking pan of the Calphalon line has become a utilitarian “medium” for dishes prepared on our indoor gas stove. One of our preferred dishes is a Mediterranean dish of sautéed squid, which will be discussed in a later blog.

sautéed squid in the non stick pan

Anova sous vide circulator

The circulator facilitates a sous vide product that generally is a prelude to a fantastic grill event that features many protein dishes, mostly meat. We prefer a three-step approach to ribeye steaks that starts with sous vide, then smoke, then finish over high flame on the ceramic cooker described below.

sous vide lobster

Lello pasta maker

The electric pasta maker complements our passion to create an Italian dish in an “awesome sauce”, usually a homemade pesto. I had a mechanical crank version of a pasta maker for many years, but this electric machine is above and beyond the best way to make fresh pasta. In a matter of 30 minutes we have a finished product out of eggs and flour.

home made penne in 30 minutes

Ceramic cooker and smoker (Big Green Egg)

The crowd favorite (meaning mine) is the ceramic cooker/smoker. The versatility of the cooker enables smoking, slow cook, searing and grilling. It leverages charcoal, air and moisture to enable cooking nirvana that no gas grill or barbeque pit can equal.

beer can chicken is one option for this ceramic cooker

Note: I am not being compensated for any mentions or representations of brands in this post. I am simply a happy customer.

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